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Impact measurement and management


Impact investing is a growing global movement, propelled by an increasing number of investors who are motivated to put their investments to work to drive social and environmental progress. For impact investing to achieve its full potential however, the industry needs to ensure that investment capital is being directed to effective solutions and delivering the intended results. Individual investors and the impact investing community need to achieve a strong understanding of the level and nature of progress they are driving on specific issue areas.

Scope of work

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) focuses on reducing barriers to impact investment so more investors can allocate capital to fund solutions to the world’s most intractable challenges. Funding from the IMPACT Programme will be used to support the further development of IRIS+, the generally accepted system for impact investors to measure, manage, and optimize their impact. IRIS+ provides evidence-backed core metrics sets, resources, and practical guidance to support day-to-day impact measurement and management (IMM) implementation. Through increasing data clarity and comparability and access to practical guidance, IRIS+ makes it easier for investors to translate their impact intentions into real impact results.

GIIN’s ultimate aim is to further develop impact measurement and management (IMM) as a disciplined approach and increase the sophistication and effectiveness of IMM practice in impact investing.