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Impact Investing Institute – international development programme


Impact investment is a way to channel capital into opportunities for social progress and sustainable economic growth whilst delivering a financial return. Yet, whilst environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk analysis is now mainstream in most markets, there is still a shortfall in the volume of investment needed to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Impact Investing Institute (III) was launched in November 2019 to accelerate the growth and improve the effectiveness of the impact investing market. Its mission is closely aligned with the key challenges which the Programme is aiming to solve:

  1. How can more investors be attracted by the impact investing opportunity?
  2. How can the distribution of impact investing be improved?

Scope of work

The IMPACT Programme will support the Institute’s international development programme which aims to raise awareness of and facilitate access to impact investing opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia by UK-based global investors, resulting in broader access to impact investing opportunities for enterprises. It will strengthen the knowledge and understanding of impact investment in the public and investor community, helping those who want to engage with impact investment to navigate a landscape of information and advice.

The Institute will amplify the work of the IMP and reinforce understanding of the spectrum of capital which the programme addresses; mobilising capital beyond avoiding harm (ESG integration) towards benefiting stakeholders and contributing to solutions. It will share knowledge with the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment, and support its network of National Advisory Boards (NABs).

In partnership with CDC, UK’s Development Finance Institution, it will catalyse collaboration between and among UK-based impact investors who invest ‘domestically’ and ‘internationally’; to be an active member of the impact investing global community; and to unlock more capital from UK-based actors in pursuit of impact globally.