Phase One Investments

Under Phase One the DFID IMPACT Programme invested in 17 initiatives that sought to reduce the constraints in the field of impact investing and make the practice of impact investing as effective, as efficient, and as attractive as possible to investors, intermediaries and enterprises.

These market-building interventions were implemented by a range of sector leading organisations that aim to catalyse change across or within the impact investment market. These interventions focused on market-building solutions in following five key strategic areas:

  1. Open up sources of finance through new mechanisms for investment.
  2. Support improved practice in impact measurement and management
  3. Build fund manager capacity
  4. Bridge information gaps and increase market linkages
  5. Support deal flow of impactful enterprises

To learn more about the partnerships and programmes supported by the Impact Programme by theme, see below:

  • Open Up Sources of Finance

    • MB_graphics_V1-01
  • Improve Impact Measurement

    • MB_graphics_V1-02
    • MB_graphics_V1-03
    • MB_graphics_V1-04
    • MB_graphics_V1-05
    • MB_graphics_V1-06
  • Build Fund Manager Capacity

    • MB_graphics_V1-07
  • Bridge Information Gaps

    • MB_graphics_V1-09
  • Support Deal Flow

    • MB_graphics_V1-10
    • MB_graphics_V1-11
    • MB_graphics_V1-12
    • MB_graphics_V1-13


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