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Through its two investment vehicles, the Impact Fund and the Acceleration Facility, the Impact Programme aims to provide finance to enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia that purchase from low-income people and/or provide goods and services including healthcare, agricultural services, energy, housing, education and safe water.

This page lists the full portfolio of these investee enterprises. It also facilitates specific searches, based on region and sector.

Comptoir 2000

DFID Impact Fund,(Injaro)
West Africa | Agriculture
Comptoir 2000 produces and distributes crop seed in Mali to small-scale farmers at affordable prices. It has developed its own plantations and a network of outgrowers to delivers its services.


DFID Impact Fund,(EAV)
East Africa | Energy
d.light provides solar-powered solutions for people without access to reliable electricity. They are the largest distributed solar lighting brand for households and small businesses in off-grid communities.

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DFID Impact Fund,(Insitor)
South Asia | Education
Edubridge links the unskilled non-urban workforce to formal sector employers to educate and employ rural youth.

Faso Kaba

DFID Impact Fund,(Injaro)
West Africa | Agriculture
Faso Kaba provides high quality seeds to smallholder farmers. It aims to catalyse the social economic development of the local people by boosting employment, diversifying crops and improving food security.

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Gold Coast Fruits

DFID Impact Fund,(Injaro)
West Africa | Agriculture
Gold Coast Fruits is a pineapple producer that uses a fair trade system to ensure investment in social, environmental or economic development projects.

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DFID Impact Fund,(Novastar)
East Africa | ICT
A local news site connecting local news writers to readers and bringing free county-level news to any internet-enabled phone

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